The logo of Yusp, the SME Recommendation as a Service product of Gravity R&D.

The Yusp Open Beta kicks off!

We recently launched our brand new SME solution called Yusp which is an easy to administer, SaaS based, out-of-the-box recommendation engine.

By installing Yusp, you opt in to harness the analytic power of Gravity’s proprietary, patented recommender algorithms matching in sophistication to those used by Amazon and other industry top players.

As a part of our Open Beta program, we provide free installation and configuration support to all new registrants, in addition to the 30-day free trial!

What does Yusp do?

Recommendations served by Yusp run through the same servers and are generated by the exact same algorithms as our enterprise clients’. Our algorithms have proven, immense capabilities to drive sales, increase conversions and significantly boost customer satisfaction and engagement on your site.

Even better, to get Yusp to work you need not perform any technical tour de force. Simply paste a code snippet in the header section of your site, alongside your Google Analytics tracking code and everything else is done over our super-user-friendly graphic interface.

Import your stock automatically

Simply paste the URL of one of your product pages in the appropriate field and Yusp automatically scans and imports the items in your stock.

A screenshot from the Dashboard interface of the Yusp recommendation engine.
Importing your product catalog into Yusp is fast and intuitive.

Tracking users

Our system tracks and records every detail of how users interact with your site and enriches this data with contextual parameters such as location, time, device, and referrer.

Personalized product recommendations

Building on these insights, our system fills the multi-device-friendly recommender boxes on your site with the items most relevant to each user in each context.

Drive sales and improve user experience

By showing the right product at the right time to the right users, Yusp can significantly improve your sales metrics and conversion rates by creating personalized user journeys for each and every one of your visitors to maximize customer engagement. Moreover, you can track the performance of the recommendations through our analytics dashboard.

A screenshot from the Dashboard interface of the Yusp recommendation engine.
You can easily track the performance of your recommendations through our analytics Dashboard.


Still skeptical? Don’t take our word for it, sign up for the Yusp Open Beta program and see for yourself. On top of the 30-day free trial, you get free, dedicated installation and configuration support so you can maximize the benefits Yusp brings to your business!

Yusp free trial banner.

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