What’s Next On TV?

Nowadays, when we talk about television, we cannot skip the question of personalization. In this blog post I will try my best to cover the main changes and possible benefits of the “recommended for you” feature on TV.
The traditional electronic program guide (EPG) is now widespread in the digital age of television. EPGs give accurate and detailed information about the programs on TV and display the schedule for the upcoming days.

Thematic channels, such as those focusing on music, cooking, kids, or sports are relatively new. They complement the standard channels that have a wide variety of shows, from news to soap operas; like BBC, Sat1 or CBS.

But seeing that the number of TV channels offered by providers may reach several hundred – depending on the provider – we must admit that it’s just way too much for viewers to handle. The TV program of their liking is there, they just cannot find it, because they get lost in the endless scrolling of their program guide.

We have already written a little about the importance of structuring data – especially when you’ve got a large amount of information on your hands – and the possibility of whipping the chaos of data into order with the help of various techniques and systems. You can find his article here.

It is plain to see that since EPGs usually follow a grid-like structure with 6-10 channels showing at once, on a scale of 2-6 hours, the traditional program guides are no longer able to fulfill the needs of TV viewers.

We can say that they’re obsolete because they are just not handling the mass of channels seamlessly or easily. It takes a lot of time to browse through the programs of channels e.g. from Channel #5 to Channel #123.

A bigger problem that traditional EPGs have, is that they lack any form of personalization.

Sure, you can hide adult channels or progams if you have kids watching your TV, but I’m not talking about that kind of thing.

Let’s take a family of five for example, with Mom, Dad, their teenage daughter and two little boys. Mom really likes DIY projects and gardening shows, so she usually watches these programs, while Dad’s into fishing and cooking. The daughter loves sitcoms and music, and the two little ones are mostly interested in cars and cartoons.

If everytime they sit down to watch TV, they see exactly the same variety of programs in the guide as everyone else, their experience is not going to be taken to the fullest. They will spend a little time browsing, but then they might miss their favorite show, because they just didn’t see that it was on. After a while, they will just turn the TV off, because “there’s nothing on”.

With a “recommended for you ” application, you can make them way more satisfied. They will see content that’s relevant to them. With smart TVs and their image recognition systems it’s possible that TVs will just recognize who’s watching them. So when mom’s in the room, the TV will recommend her favorites and no cartoons at all, and so on, with the rest of the family. The benefits of this application and the possibilities it creates with today’s and tomorrow’s technologies are endless.

“Recommended for you” is a revolutionary program guide application, which filters all the available content based on the user’s habits and actions. No matter what kind of content it is – progams on-air, on-demand, premium or PVR (personal video recorder) – the application can give personalized recommendations to the viewer. This way, viewers can pick the program they’d like to watch. With only a few clicks, it’s the new, quick and easy way to watch TV.

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