Gravity R&D will be presenting and moderating at RecSys 2015!

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is holding their annual Recommender Systems conference (RecSys 2015) in Vienna, Austria later this month from the 16th to the 20th of September. RecSys is the premier international forum for the presentation of new research results, systems and techniques in the broad field of recommender systems. RecSys has an international presence and audience, with previous conferences having been held around the world in places like Silicon Valley, New York, Barcelona, and Hong Kong.

RecSys has over the years garnered the reputation of being the world’s most important annual conference for the presentation and discussion of recommender systems research. This conference can be seen as a collective of the major international research groups along with many of the world’s leading internet companies. Representatives from companies like Yahoo, Google, Pandora, LinkedIn, and Netflix will all be making a presence at the conference.

Gravity R&D’s prominent roles during the RecSys 2015 conference

The Gravity Team

Gravity R&D will be attending and delivering multiple presentations during the event as well as contributing through their involvement as a chair or co-chair in several events. Several members from Gravity R&D’s team will be attending, including:

  •      Domonkos Tikk – Founder and CEO
  •      Bottyan Nemeth – Founder and Product Owner
  •      István Pilászy – Founder and Head of Core Development
  •      Balázs Hidasi – Head of Data Mining and Research

Heading up Gravity R&D’s primary role at the conference, Domonkos Tikk will be the Industry Co-Chair along with Werner Geyer, a fellow colleague from IBM. Together, they have been organizing the RecSys 2015 Industry Program including the two Industry Sessions and the Industry Panel for the conference.

Three members of the Gravity R&D team will be delivering three separate presentations

A Gravity Team Member Presenting

Balázs Hidasi will be participating in the doctoral symposium being held at RecSys 2015. He will be presenting the results of his PhD thesis on Context-aware preference modeling with factorization. It revolves around his endorsement of the General Factorization Framework (GFF) and how to scale the training process to make accurate high factor models more viable.

Bottyán Németh will be giving an overview of Gravity R&D’s recommendation engine solution during Industry Session 2: Generic Platforms and Location-based Application Domains. Part of the focus will be on the challenges the team encountered with their rapid growth as the popularity of Gravity R&D’s solutions increased over time. Scaling up the business’s infrastructure to accommodate the increase in traffic led us to accordingly adjust our system architecture and the algorithms used to generate recommendations.

István Pilászy has been invited to talk at the Large-Scale Recommender Systems (LSRS) workshop. His discussion will cover his findings from the comparison of neighbor methods and matrix factorization through case studies on real-life recommendations. The LSRS workshop has historically been the most highly attended workshop during the conference. The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners working on LSRS to collaborate and share ideas. Collectively, these groups will be better equipped to handle the increasing complexity associated with the shift into the era of Big Data.

Gravity R&D’s CEO making a strong appearance at RecSys 2015

In addition to being the previously mentioned Industry Co-Chair, Domonkos Tikk will be having a substantial presence at RecSys 2015 through his additional roles within the conference. His roles at RecSys 2015 lead to further reinforce Gravity R&D’s position as a key influencer and core member in the RecSys research and industry community. His additional Chair and Co-Chair positions during the conference include: Chair of Industry Session 1, Moderator of the Industry Panel on recommender system start-ups and Co-Chair of the workshop on Crowdsourcing and Human Computation for Recommender Systems (CrowdRec) workshop.

As a moderator on the Industry Panel, Domonkos Tikk will lead a discussion overviewing important points for businesses involved in recommender systems. Topics covered will include items like: What business models have and haven’t worked for companies in the past?, How can new startups succeed?, Is differentiation or effectiveness more important as a company?, and Generic versus custom tailored recommendation solutions.

The CrowdRec 2015 workshop serves as a forum within the RecSys community. As Co-Chair of this workshop, Domonkos Tikk will facilitate the discussion of crowd-related topics within the RecSys community. Leveraging the power of the crowd has the potential to improve recommender systems and realize new applications and services that were previously unimaginable. There’s currently so much potential that can result from the mutual collaboration of the RecSys community within the world of CrowdRec, facilitating this meeting of the minds is an exciting way for Gravity R&D to get involved.

Gravity R&D’s team is looking forward to making their contributions to the RecSys community and seeing how other organizations are making strides in the field of Recommender Systems. By collaborating our efforts together, the whole is surely greater than the sum of its parts.

You can find a full schedule of all events on the Program Page of the RecSys 2015 website.

See you in Vienna!

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