Gravity R&D Partners with MageCloud

MageCloud – Simplifying Magento for eCommerce stores, Developers, and Agencies


Today, Gravity R&D and MageCloud have agreed to create a partnership. MageCloud has simplified the installation and maintenance of Magento installations for both developers and merchants. This partnership will benefit customers of both of our companies as we will be able to provide recommendation services for MageCloud’s ecommerce clients, just as MageCloud will help our clients manage their Magento installations.

By leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services, MageCloud makes Magento easier for users of all technical levels. If you’re just starting out with your first ecommerce store, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to use their platform to get a Magento store built in just three minutes without any technical skills. If you’re an experienced Magento developer or agency with tons of clients, you’ll also appreciate using MageCloud’s development and deployment automation tools that let you service all of your clients within an organized and easy to use dashboard.


MageCloud’s expertise covers all aspects of Magento. They offer various services depending on your needs, such as: reliable hosting, Magento themes, Magento extensions, migrating to Magento, Magento 2 installations, and an easy to use Magento Theme Editor. For a smooth Magento experience, there’s no better choice than MageCloud, best of all, getting started is free.


About MageCloud

MageCloud consists of a team of dedicated IT and business professionals who came together in order to make Magento more accessible for businesses and developers. MageCloud simplifies the Magento installation and management process, giving non-technical users the ability to take advantage of Magento. It also saves time for experienced developers, eliminating the mundane and repetitive task of setting up and managing multiple Magento stores for clients.

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