Classified Classics Roundup Part II

It’s time for the second part of our classified roundup! Now we have collected four posts from our Challenges and Solutions of Classified Sites series that offer solutions to some challenges that classified sites face day by day.

Part I: Bounce Rate

Clearly there aren’t many people out there who are satisfied with their bounce rate, so we discussed some ways that help you decrease it. Bottom line: it’s important to keep in mind where your visitors come from. Read the post for details!

Part II: Value-Added Services

Value-added services are a great way to monetize, but motivating users to sign up for them can be quite difficult. In this post, we give our readers a few ideas on how to get seller to sign up for these extra services.

Part III: Mobility

Browsing any site on a phone or tablet is an entirely different world from browsing on a laptop. This brings up an array of challenges that are hard to solve at first glance. Read our post for some clever solutions.

Part IV: Exit Pages

Any classified site is full of potential exit pages. From zero result pages to ad reply confirmation pages, there are numerous points where a visitor could possibly leave your site. Using recommendations on such potential exit pages can significantly extend the time users spend on your classified site.

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