Classified Classics Roundup Part I

The 2015 International Classified Media Association conference is approaching and Gravity is taking part, so we thought it’s time to take another look at some blog posts we wrote previously about how recommendation engines can be applied on classified sites. 

First of all, let’s revisit our series of blog posts titled Recommendation Engines to the Rescue!

Our in-depth posts aim to provide some valuable ideas and insights on how a recommendation engine can bring the best out of classified sites both for visitors and owners. Some of these ideas were also briefly brought up in our white paper focusing on classified sites.

Part I: Cold Start

Read our detailed guide to overcoming the cold start problem – whether it affects newly listed products and ads or first-time visitors.

Part II: Activating Existing Visitors and Customers

Here, we discuss some ideas on motivating and activating both active and inactive visitors and even future prospects through placing recommendation boxes, personalized retargeting and pretargeting.

Part III: Monetizing Classifieds Sites

A handy introduction to monetization techniques, this post provides you with information on getting the best possible results from ads placed through ad networks or contracted advertisers.

Part IV: Analytics and Reporting Services

In this post we talked about how providing analytics and reporting tools to your users can be an excellent monetization tool.


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