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Gravity R&D: first year of collaboration with eMAG, a major success

Gravity R&D, one of the leading international technology experts serving omnichannel recommendations completed the first year of collaboration with eMAG with positive results, such as a 30% increase in conversion rates and additional revenues of 9 EUR / 1000 recommendations.

“We have great confidence in the effectiveness of our technology and our commitment to delivering results according to expectations. When we decided to enter the Romanian market, the most logical step was to test our solution with the biggest local eCommerce player. Our cooperation with eMAG confirms our ambitions and we are planning to expand further on the local market” says Serban Manea, Business Development Manager, Gravity R&D Romania.

Gravity R&D is currently an extension of eMAG’s in-house web development team. Also, it is the only provider active in Romania that offers a complete range of recommendation services to its partners, from on-site recommendation boxes with relevant products for each user, personalized retargeting (conversion and retention of users based on ad displays) and newsletter personalization to smart search features.

eMAG uses Gravity R&D’s technology for personalized recommendations both for desktop and mobile users. After the testing period, the integration has been extended across all countries where eMAG is currently active: Bulgaria, Hungary, and Poland.

Gravity R&D has extensive international experience, working with companies such as, Allegro Group (, Schibsted Group ( – Malaysia, – Hungary, – Morocco), OLX Brazil and

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Gravity R&D is one of the world leaders in machine learning and recommendation engines. In 2009, they tied for first place in the Netflix Prize competition out of 18,000 competing teams from over 150 countries. This was the largest and most comprehensive machine learning competition ever held. Their team represents a collective of some of the best data mining and machine-learning scientists in the world.

The company offers scalable solutions both for big e-commerce sites with complex integration needs, as well as for medium and small businesses through its automated RECOplatform solution.

Gravity R&D delivers 5 billion monthly recommendations, generating additional revenues of over EUR 40 million for its partners. Recently, Gravity R&D has been part of 5 major A/B testing projects, outperforming their competitors on tenders with companies such as Dailymotion, Allegro (Naspers Group) or OLX Brazil.

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Founded in 2001 by Romanian entrepreneurs, eMAG is a pioneer of Romania’s e-commerce landscape and has become a regional leader, being present in Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. eMAG has constant investments in services that help people save time and money, relying mostly on Romanian tech intelligence.

With an ever-increasing offer, both through their own portfolio of products and Marketplace partners, eMAG is the place where anyone can search and order anything from anywhere. The clients are welcomed with value-added services, as 30 days return period, package opening at delivery, 24/7 call center, Service Pick Up and Return, installments financing through eCredit, mobile app and „One-click pay” instant ordering service through a swipe on the phone.

Currently eMAG features over 500.000 listings, from consumer electronics, mobile phones, and books to children’s toys, home appliances, garden tools, automotive parts and sports equipment.

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Gravity on Magento

Great news – Gravity’s recommendation engine is now available on Magento!

Until now our services were provided only to enterprises, but with this important step, Gravity’s recommendation plugin will be available to smaller e-commerce players as well. Since Magento is a widely used platform, our recommendation system will be accessible on a much wider level than previously.

Gravity’s recommendation plugin enables adding product recommendations and can be easily integrated to Magento stores. We provide features such as product catalog synchronization, user synchronization and event tracking.

If you’re interested in getting the Gravity plugin for your Magento-based e-business, you can install it here.


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