Tiki Boosts Revenues and Increases Customer Engagement by Partnering With Gravity

We have recently partnered with Tiki.vn, one of the most prominent players of Vietnam’s booming eCommerce sector. During the initial testing period, our solution significantly outperformed competitors.

Today’s well-informed consumers tend to favor sites with the lowest prices and are rarely loyal to any particular eCommerce brand. Vietnam has a vibrant marketing scene, but most companies are focusing their marketing efforts on new customer acquisition. When Tiki decided to look for a recommendation solution provider, their goal was to prioritize user engagement and generate more revenues by providing a personalized experience. Gravity’s solution has proven to be highly effective in facilitating the upselling and cross-selling of Tiki products and improving customer retention.

During the pilot period, Gravity’s recommendations resulted in an additional $13.15 GMV per 1000 recommendations and a 6% average conversion rate.

“Our cooperation with Tiki is a major milestone in the company’s expansion in the SEA region. We’ve recently opened our office in Vietnam and hired Ngô Kỳ Lam, an experienced e-commerce specialist as our Country Manager in order to establish fruitful partnerships, and provide maximum support to our present and future clients in the region.” – Marton Vertes – Business Development Manager, Gravity R&D

“Gravity has been outperforming other similar solutions in every important aspect and KPI: Revenue, AOV, CTR and response time. This is why, after evaluating the results, we have decided to move forward with Gravity as our chosen recommender system provider.” – Hung Tran Viet – Product Manager, Tiki

Tiki.vn is one of the largest eCommerce sites in Vietnam, a country that is showing enormous growth in the online retail, and IT sectors in general. Similar to Amazon, Tiki started out by selling books online. Through the years, they’ve significantly expanded the scope of their operations. Currently, there are over 300,000 listings on the site in over twelve product categories and their traffic is growing substantially month over month.

Gravity offers scalable solutions for Enterprise clients with unique needs and larger traffic, as well as for small and medium-sized businesses through its turnkey SaaS recommendation engine, Yusp (www.yusp.com).

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